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Looking for professional teeth whitening in East Kilbride? Look no further.

If you would like to improve the natural colour of your teeth and you’re looking for teeth whitening in East Kilbride, opt for a professional, prescription whitening treatment at Greygables. Unlike the toothpastes and treatments you can buy over the counter or online – which are at best, ineffective and at worst, dangerous to use – teeth whitening at Greygables is safe, pain-free and clinically proven to lighten your teeth to the shade you want them to be.

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At Greygables, we offer the renowned Boutique whitening system – its USP is its viscous formula, which reduces the chance of saliva washing away the bleaching gel. It’s also PH-neutral and contains ingredients to reduce sensitivity and keep teeth hydrated.


How whitening works

After a consultation to establish your teeth and gums are healthy enough to consider whitening, we’ll start by taking mess-free digital dental impressions using our Trios scanner. We then send your impressions to a dental lab, where bespoke whitening trays will be made to fit your teeth exactly.

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Your dentist will give you a set of syringes filled with your prescription bleaching gel (a much higher strength than anything you can buy over the counter, yet safe for your teeth and gums), and you’ll wear your trays for the prescribed amount of time at home. After your treatment has completed, you can keep your custom trays for future top-up treatments as and when required.

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Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?

Almost. There are a few patients for whom whitening may not be advisable, which is why it’s imperative to only have teeth bleaching done by a qualified dental professional.

Why get my teeth whitened at the dentist?

The dentist is your only option if you want your whitening to work and you want it to be safe. Unlike over-the-counter or online products, professional whitening means the dentist can prescribe the highest-strength bleaching agent for you, yet adjust it if it causes any problems. This means you’ll get the best possible results with the least discomfort.

How do I get started with teeth whitening?

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, you will first need to attend a consultation at Greygables. If you are a suitable candidate for whitening, we’ll take your digital dental impressions and get you started.

Can you whiten crowns or bridges?

No, the whitening gel only affects natural teeth – so if you are having dental restorations such as crowns and bridges, make sure you talk to your dentist about whitening too. It’s recommended that whitening is carried out first so that restorations can be colour-matched to your newly brightened teeth.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Whitening is like setting back the clock on the colour of your teeth – so they will start to darken again with age and to collect stains again, just as they would if you’d never had them whitened. The key to keeping your teeth white as long as possible is avoiding the foods and drinks that stain teeth and maintaining your dental hygiene routine – something our hygienist can help with. You can also use your bespoke whitening trays for top-up treatments at Greygables in the future.